Minecraft 1.20: New Update Release Date And Leaks from 1.20

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we have some official information and reliable predictions for the Minecraft 1.20 update. Let’s not beat around the bush and explore everything being added in the Minecraft 1.20 update later in 2023. we will update this guide with the new mob and biome details, leaks, rumors, and confirmed features in the coming months.

1.20 Release Date

According to Minecraft 1.20 live session on youtube. We can say that 1.20 will release in the next 3-4 months. players will able to play the snapshot version in January. And in march 2023 it might get released fully.

Upcoming 1.20 Features

Hanging Signs:

This brings an entirely new perspective to the usage of the sign block, which can be placed sideways or hung in two different formations.

Bamboo Wood

Now, players can make wood by using bamboo and the wood looks really good and clean

New Default Skins

Now, players have more options to choose from instead of Alex and steve since Minecraft is adding more default skins


Ahhh yes, Camels are finally coming to Minecraft. No more plain desert. Camels will be passive mobs, and players can find them in desert villages. The best thing about camels is that players will get to ride them like Horses.


Minecraft is introducing a new type of bookshelves. Now you can store books and enchanted books in it


There is also a possibility that Minecraft will introduce rafts its not yet confirmed but most probably it will be released with the new update

That’s It

So, these are the major update leaks that will come in 1.20 there will be a lot of more updates I will keep you updated so stay tuned