How to make a free server for Minecraft 1.19.2

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If you guys want your personal server to play with your friends and don’t want to pay anything then don’t worry today I will show you how you can create your server for free just follow all the steps carefully.

Follow The Steps Shown Below

Note: Please read all the steps carefully or you may face errors while making the server if you are lazy and don’t wanna read and make the server I have a better option for you guys swipe down and watch a video tutorial 🙂 from my youtube channel.

First, go to Aternos Site and sign up. After that hit Create Server button, which will ask you if you want the server for Bedrock or Java Edition. Choose Java Edition and click create. Make sure to choose the correct version 1.19.2! you will not be able to join the 1.19.2 server from different versions. Now, Back to the tutorial.

Once you are on aternos dashboard

go to settings and turn on the cracked option so you can play with tlauncher. Choose how many players can play on your servers or which Minecraft version you want. You can change the version of your server to your desired one go to the home page under the start button you can see the version option Select your desired version from there.

After, that click on the start button it will take some time to start depending on the traffic on the site. Once the server is started it will show a timer for about 5-6 minutes if you don’t join your server at a given time the server will automatically be offline don’t worry once you joined your server the server will not gonna go offline till everyone leaves the server.

You can’t make this server online 24/7 because it’s a free server:) But if you guys are in the server it will not gonna get offline. When everyone leaves the server it will go offline in 4-5 min.

Video tutorial

Instead of 1.19 just choose 1.19.2 Easy pizzy