How To Install XRAY Mod In Minecraft 1.19.2, 1.19

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Today, I am going to show you exactly how to download & install the XRay mod in Minecraft. The XRay mod will allow you to be able to see through blocks in order for you to easily find diamonds, ores, caves, mineshafts, and more. So, let’s go ahead and install the XRay mod in Minecraft!

Download and install forge

To use any mod you have to install forge first. So, from the below button go to the forge site and download forge for Minecraft version 1.19.2!

After, downloading just open the forge file and click on install and your forge will be installed perfectly

Download Xray Mod

Now, Download the Xray mod which is effortless, click on the below button to download the Xray mod

Now go to the Minecraft game directory

Now. Go to the Minecraft game directory you can go there by the following 2 ways:

  1. right click on your Minecraft launcher and click on the open file location
  2. Start Run ( Win + R ) type %appdata%, It will open the roaming folder from there choose the .minecraft folder

Paste Your File

Now, find the folder named mods if you don’t have one just create a new folder and named the folder mods. Open the mods folder and paste the Xray file into it.

Start your game with the correct version

Your mod should have been successfully installed by now just start your game and you will be able to see through the block.