How to install Tehnoblade pig in Minecraft 1.19.2

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Rip technoblade 😭 I am so happy you guys want to download the techno pig skin as a remember for technoblade. don’t worry guys I got you. Today I will show you guys how you can download and install technoblade pig skin in Minecraft 1.19.2 its so simple and easy

Download the texture pack

First, you guys need the technoblade to pack its so easy just click on the below button and you will be redirected to the curse forge site just download the pack from there

Install The pack

Now, it’s downloaded you have to add this to your game. So, first, locate the pack and copy it, Now go to the Minecraft file location and find the folder named resource packs paste the file there, and start your game with version 1.19.2!

Once you are in-game go to settings, resourcepacks, and activate it. That’s it now all the pigs will have the legendary crown in their head 🙂

Technoblade Never Dies


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