How To Get More Fps In Minecraft 1.19.2, 1.19

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If you guys facing lags in the game don’t worry today I will show you guys the best ways so you can fix your lags easily just follow all the methods carefully.

Install Optifine

First, for better performance and more settings in-game you need optifine so install optifine for version 1.19.2, Once it’s installed I recommend you to watch this video and apply all the settings shown in the video.

Follow all the steps shown in the video and you will definitely see some big changes in your game.

Delete Temp Files

Temp files also affect your game. So, I recommend you delete all the temp files and get some extra speed boost.

To delete temporary files:

Find where your temp files are stored by pressing and holding the Windows button and then hitting R to bring up the Run dialogue box. Type temp and press Enter (or click OK) to open up the folder location and see your temp files.

After deleting the temp file Reopen the Run dialogue box and type %temp% and hit enter and delete all the files also make sure you delete every file from the recycle bin.

Don’t Use Shaders

If you are using any shaders I recommend you remove the shaders and play with the default look. It will provide you with more fps boost.

Use Fps Boosting Texture Packs

If you still facing lags even doing all the above methods then you have to use some fps boosting packs which makes your game a bit bad looking but you will definitely get more fps then before.