How To Fix Minecraft Not Launching In Pc

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Facing crash and your Minecraft not launching don’t worry. Today, I will show you guys the best ways to fix this problem. It’s gonna be so simple just follow all the steps carefully.

First way

So, first is very simple all you have to do is change the compatibility mode of Minecraft launcher works for tlauncher also. So, to change compatibility mode right click on your launcher and click on “Properties” Then Go to the “Compatibility” tab and from Compatibility mode try using different windows if one doesn’t work try another one might will work properly and your game will start totally fine:)

Second way

Sometimes, downloading a game by some virus may cause file errors. And some essential files might get deleted automatically. So, here all you have to do is uninstall the game properly even the root file, and download it again properly. Your game will be fixed by this for sure. You can easily download Minecraft from their official site 🙂

Third way

Try updating your graphic drivers, install the latest version of direct x, and check whether all the software are up to date or not because this driver may cause some error in games

That’s It

if you guys still facing error crashes you can contact me directly through discord.