How To Fix Minecraft Glfw Error 65542 In 1.19 (tlauncher)

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If you facing a glfw error while launching your game then don’t worry. today I will show you guys the best 4 methods to fix this issue. So, make sure you read everything carefully

1st Method

Sometimes glfw error comes because of java. Java might be the problem that’s why you face glfw error. So, to Fix It I would recommend you to download and install java from this site

Download java from the above button and install it on your computer. If this method doesn’t work for you try other methods

2nd Method

This method works for almost 90% of people facing this error. All you have to do is to directly download the glfw file and paste it into the java bin folder. You can do that easily by following the steps shown below

  • First, visit dll site from the down button
  • Now, Download the latest file make sure to check the Architecture if you have a 64 bit PC choose 64 Architecture if you have 32 bit then choose 32 Architecture
  • After, downloading you will get a zip file to extract it
  • And copy the DLL file
  • and go to local disk C > program files > java
  • In the java, folder make sure you have java 1.8
  • open it then go to “BIN”
  • And paste your file there

3rd Method

Update all your display and graphic driver’s sometimes users face this error because of some display or graphic error so I recommend you to update your graphic and display driver’s

4th Method

In this method, all you have to do is to reinstall the needed application (i.e. TLaucher, Lunar Client, Minecraft Launcher Etc) this method is more likely to fix the issue.