Best Minecraft Seeds For 1.18.2

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How To Use Minecraft Seeds

I know mostly everyone knows how to apply seeds on Minecraft. For people who don’t know I got you to follow the steps shown below:

  • Create a new world
  • Go to world options
  • enter the seed exactly as you see it.
  • That’s It
  • If you are playing and want to know what the world seed of your world is, type in /seed.

Best Seeds For Minecraft 1.18.2


  • Seed: 1582281691
  • Coordinates: 68, 122, -473

A Jungle Temple on Top of a Woodland Mansion

  • Seed: 150589112544105406
  • Coordinates: X: 57, Y: 117, Z: 145

Badlands Spawn

  • Seed: -78688046
  • Coordinates: At Spawn

Woodland Mansion Desert

  • Seed: 1818646330
  • Coordinate: 2900, -800

Mushroom Land

Seed Code: 859337968100847433

Verticle Island Village

Seed Code: 6537256334104833826


All the seeds shown above were not found by me credit goes to their respective owners and some seeds have been used from other sites you can support them by clicking here