Best Cracked Server For Minecraft 1.19 (tlauncher)

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If you are looking for the best-cracked server, don’t worry; today I will show you the best-cracked server of all time. I will also show you how to join and register on the server so make sure to read everything carefully.

Cracked Server’s

Pika Network:

Server Ip:-

Pika network is the most famous cracked server of all time. There is a lot of games mode available on the server you will face less lag.

Jartex Network:

Server Ip:-

The owner of pika and jartex is the same guy so you will get a familiar feel if you have played in pika server before but jartex does include more game modes and lots of maps in every game.

BlocksMc Server:

Server Ip:

If you are looking for a different variety of game modes to play you have to try this server. This server includes so many game modes some game modes are from the hypixel server. Which is soo good.

Herobine Server:

Server Ip:

If you guys love survival, earth, And these type of modes you can try herobrine server.

How To Join:

  • Start your game with version 1.19
  • Go, to multiplayer
  • Click on “Add Server”
  • In Server name you can write anything
  • In Server Address if you have to enter the Server Ip which is mentioned above
  • Just hit enter and join the server.

How To Register In Server:

Different Servers have different types of registration methods. The server will show you guys the example of how to register just register as the server says or you will not be able to enter into the server.

The most common registration method is:

/register <your password> <confirm password>